I am so glad to see this project finished. I have worked on it for about a year and a half. The quilt pattern is known as the Carpenter’s Wheel or Bethlehem Star. All the blocks are hand cut and hand pieced. Each block took about 5 hours to sew. The fabrics are all reproductions and quite a few are pieces of scraps from my friend’s dresses. I hand quilted it with flower patterns in the white spaces. I am so happy with this and love it very much.



Embroidered Collar


This is my first attempt at a fancy embroidered collar you see so often in the 1850s. I went for a very simple design of scallops and a ribbon pattern. I loved the part where I got to cut the scallops free from the fabric. This is definitely the first of many new collars.

Early Victorian Stays


Last year I made myself a set of historically correct Victorian stays. Stays were popular from around 1800 thru the 1840s, at which point they were replaced by corsets. These are made from a pattern by Laughing Moon. I have made the theatrical ones before so I kinda knew what I was getting into. However these took what felt like forever. All the cording channels and hand basting all the gussets. I also added a little embroidery around the middle. All the time though was worth it. They fit well, and they look awesome. I did add elastic at the ends of the straps to aid in dressing. This is actually also a historically correct detail. Elastic was invented in the 1830s and became a popular item to add into garments. I wear these for the 1850s impression that I do at Fort Nisqually in Tacoma, WA.


Gift Quilt


This throw quilt was a present to my Mom for Christmas. It is the Slice of Life quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I really love their patterns for using quilting pre-cuts. This one is made using 2 1/2 ” strips and 10″ square blocks. There is a border of matching fabric around the edge. I used a washable wool batting. I find it is the warmest and nicest for the damp climate. It is machine quilted on my new Brother sewing machine.


Red Cap

I finally finished an embroidered cap for myself. I’ve been working on this one for over a year. I used red thread instead of the most common color of black. I thought red would look better with more of my dresses. I must say I am pretty please with how it turned out.


Summer Garden

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve been very busy with all the usually summer activities. One of them being my garden. It has exploded now that it is finally warm. I have been getting zucchini almost every day and the tomatoes are starting to ripen.


Well it is May here in the Pacific Northwest. We keep swinging between wet and cold days to really hot and sunny. The garden is plodding along. At first my vegetables were ravaged by flea beetles and now we are dealing with cut worms. They ate my entire crop of mini turnips. We are using some bug warfare to combat those. But everything is still going strong that is above ground. Late April (16)

Late April (1)

Lettuce and Arugula

Late april  (9)

Carrot Seedlings

Late April (24)


Late April (35)

Bok Choy

Late April (36)

We have three types of chard growing. This is a variety known as Vulcan chard.

Late April (22)