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Spring Weekend

Finally the sun is OUT! We had warm, beautiful weather. I worked on quilting for hours this weekend. Started my pink stripe Elizabethan corset. It is looking pretty good. Also I’ve been working on a crochet pillow cover. The patio chairs need pillows. All my projects seem to be going really slow. Hopefully once school is out for summer, things will get hopping. Had a gorgeous little bird visitor. Only managed one picture before the cat got out onto the patio and scared him away.


Made some Monkey Tail Bread. I love this bread. It is a favorite I go back to over and over. It has bananas, peanuts and chocolate. It is definately more of a desert than a everyday bread.


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In the home town of my Mom, Spring showed up a couple weeks ago. These flowers are from her garden. Where I live there is still snow coming down every once in awhile. Everyone out here is anxious for Spring.Little yellow daffodil all by himself.

Yesterday on my patio I noticed a little bird. He is a fledgling Pine Siskin. Just a month ago I had about 30 eating on my patio everyday.

I hope Spring shows up soon.

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