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Moving Right Along

I am moving right along with my crafting. The two projects I work on the most, the crochet jacket and the quilt,are taking quite a while. Good news though I should be done with my crochet jacket in a couple of days. YAAA! All I’ve got left to do is finish the secound sleeve and finishing.

 I have also been working on some embroidery. This piece is the front to a small shoulder bag. It is progressing very fast. Hopefully I can get it done in time to take to the Merry Greenwood Renaissance fair. I also got a nice boost of energy. My guy and me went to a nature park on the edge of town. All the trees and sunshine made me feel energized. Happy summer crafting to everyone.


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Elizabethan Corset

This is my pink stripe Elizabethan corset. It is my first corset I have ever made. Personally I don’t think it is my best work, but I am proud to finally make a corset. The pattern is My Lady’s Corset by Folkwear. I cut a size too big because I am an in-between size. It is a bit too big but it still fits pretty well. Instead of hand sewing eyelets I used metal grommets. To make it more pretty I used pink embroidery thread and covered the metal grommets after I put them in. It went together much faster than I thought it would, but I don’t think I would use this pattern again.




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Balloon Stampede

This last weekend was the Balloon Stampede. Lot’s of fun, going to the morning rise and night glow. The event is held in Walla Walla, WA. I went with a group of friends. I’ve gotten some sewing done. Yesterday I finished a present for a friend. I can’t show just yet. After I give it to her Friday I’ll post about it.

Morning Rise

Morning Rise

This is a little sneak peek of my secret project.


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Crochet Pillow Cover

I finally finished my crochet pillow cover. I made it from some scrap yarn I’ve had laying around for a long while. It was going to be a pet blanket, but I changed my mind half way through. I need pillows for the patio chairs and for re-enacting. So this is the first one down. It is just a big granny square on the front, the back is just solid crochet.

I added buttons so it would be easy to wash. The buttons came off an old winter coat.


 Here are some flowers from my patio.

Here is my little helper. He loves to help me do everything.

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Almost Done

 This is the weekend before finals week. Only two finals and then summer is here. I got nothing crafty done this weekend. First of all there was Friday night. I play a  dice role play game. My friends and I are guinea pigs for a new game system. We know the maker. We like to break the system he is working on. Last Friday though, I earned $20. A friend from outside the group gave me the money for killing all the other player’s characters. One died from an explosion, one died from assassination, the last two died in a large scale attack. My character was a thief and spy. I was proud because this was my first character ever. I also made cake for the players and it was loving called “Death Cake”. Actually it was Chocolate Mayo cake. This is a picture of the 20 and my character sheet.


Saturday was the renaissance fair. My Mom came down and we all went to the fair. Then all Saturday evening I spent studying. Then today I spent most of my day on my little patio garden. I bought potted plants, because starting from seeds is hard on a patio that acts like an oven in summer. I do have some wildflowers that need to come up from seed and some beans. I love all the plants. My favorite buy is a pink climbing rose. I’m hoping it grows over the banister. Have a new type of bird coming to the patio, but it is so skittish I can’t manage a picture. Then lots of studying. While I was out today I bought material for a secret project. It involves fabric, yarn and an instruction book. Can you take a guess?


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