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Balloon Stampede

This last weekend was the Balloon Stampede. Lot’s of fun, going to the morning rise and night glow. The event is held in Walla Walla, WA. I went with a group of friends. I’ve gotten some sewing done. Yesterday I finished a present for a friend. I can’t show just yet. After I give it to her Friday I’ll post about it.

Morning Rise

Morning Rise

This is a little sneak peek of my secret project.



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Crochet Pillow Cover

I finally finished my crochet pillow cover. I made it from some scrap yarn I’ve had laying around for a long while. It was going to be a pet blanket, but I changed my mind half way through. I need pillows for the patio chairs and for re-enacting. So this is the first one down. It is just a big granny square on the front, the back is just solid crochet.

I added buttons so it would be easy to wash. The buttons came off an old winter coat.


 Here are some flowers from my patio.

Here is my little helper. He loves to help me do everything.

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