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Works in Progress

I have two major crochet works in progress right now. The first is another pair of socks. I actually had gotten down past the heel but I didn’t like how it was fitting. So I am back at the beginning. The yarn is the yarn I bought a couple weeks ago. 

The other project is a afghan in granny squares. I received a little ball of the green when I first started crocheting. I knew I wanted to make a granny square afghan with it. It took about 4 years to finally find the color in the store. I have the pattern for the square memorized. I think I learned it from a Golden Hands book. I have about 4, four square units.

 I also have work in progress in the garden. My tomato plants are finally starting to grow itty bitty tomatoes.



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Crochet Socks

All the time I had being a passenger on the road trip gave me lots of time to crochet. Last night I finally finished this pair of socks. I love making socks. They are quick, easy and one can never have too many socks. I was nicely surprised when I got to the end. The pattern said I needed 600 meters, but I made them with a 425 meter ball with a good amount extra. They are a shell pattern even though it is a little hard to see. They are made with Opal. Summer is a little too hot to wear them but they are nice and cool to work on. You don’t get stuck with big piece of crochet in your lap.

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Road Trip

The past couple days have been spent on a road trip. Started off pretty good, before I left I found out I made Dean’s List last semester. YA! We headed out first to see my Mom. Then it was the long drive out to the coast. I haven’t been in many years I said I had to go. Then we picked up one of my guy’s friends. He is staying with us for the week.

I though this was a lovely shot of the beach. Next shot of is a fishing boat going down the coastline.

I just love this seagull. The sea anemone is pretty cute too.


 This was a waterfall on the way back home.

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Market Bag

I just crocheted this grocery bag. There is a cd in the bottom to give it more structure. I had some pink acrylic yarn in my stash. I think the pink is nice and cheery. It will be perfect for taking with me to the farmer’s market.

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Greeny Goodness

Today I went out onto my little patio and harvested my first bunch of salad greens. It is not much but salad greens and me have not always gotten on well together. Last year a swarm of aphids started a battle they won. Therefore loosing all my lettuce. This year half of the row shriveled and died. But here is proof of my final success with salad. I must say they are pretty yummy too.

I also got my fingers crocheting. I made my Mom a cell phone case. She asked me to make one a long time ago. Finally I whipped it out in about an hour.

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 Last night I finished my red crochet sweater jacket. I was really unsure throughout the whole thing but I love how it turned out. I have crocheted only one other sweater before which didn’t turn out to my satisfaction. I am proud I got this done and in a reasonable amount of time. The pattern is from Interweave Crochet, Summer ’07 I believe.  I altered it a little, giving it the bar of stitching down the front and making a shorter collar. The yarn was given to me by my Mom two years ago. It is Tatamy Tweed by Kraemer Yarns. I like the yarn alot. Though a tiny bit splitty but the color play is wonderful. It completely suprised me when I first swatched the yarn. The yarn came from the best yarn shop ever in my experience; Jacci’s Yarn Basket in Dayton, WA.

When Mom comes to see me it makes everything better. We did what we always do which is craft shopping. We also hit the antique store and has Chinese food for lunch. She is always super sweet and buys me presents, which is great. Today I added a little bit more to my crafting stash. Some sock yarn is right on top. I couldn’t resist the pretty purple yarn. There is also a little bamboo crochet hook and a swedish weaving book. Also there is five fat quarters. I am slowly collecting a total of 35 fat quarters of 30s reproduction fabric for a Card Trick quilt. Of course I wore my new sweater all day long. It was about 52 F in June! Plus it rained again, usually we would be about 80 or 90 F by now.

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