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Well I am slowly recovering from my wisdom teeth removal. I had a small complication that I went back in today to take care of. I am trying very hard to keep doing my crafting. Sometime though it is just too hard. When I was on the pain medication, I got seasick crocheting which was a bizarre experience. I hope to be hopping along by tomorrow or the day after. On August 10th I am having a costume picnic. I have three projects I need to get done in time. My ensemble will be a from the regency period. I am recovering a pair of slippers to make them period. I am making a bonnet. My dress will be the Past Patterns Lewis and Clark Era Gown. The fabric for my dress is a ivory print cotton with light golden scroll designs. This weekend I also have a steam punk masquerade to attend. Hopefully that goes well. Amazingly I didn’t make any of my costume. I went to Goodwill and got lots of pieces and used some pieces from my collection. That’s about all that is going on. Here are some nice summer pictures to leave ya with.




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Somehow I always imagine I will get everything done in the summer months. I’m off from school, how could I not be a super crafter. Every summer though I never get close to notching everything off my list of goals. Maybe it’s the running off on trips, or the summer heat. I don’t really know what it is.


My rose has started to bloom. I was thinking that it wouldn’t bloom this summer. It is so lovely. I have been trying to keep working on projects. My pair of socks are coming along. One sock is completely done. I am also going to start on a bag for school. Also went on a lovely day vacation with my guy. We headed out of town to a park. Went and spent the day in the sun. I will be even more out of it after tomorrow. I am going in for dental surgery. Pesky wisdom teeth don’t seem to know which was is up and need to come out.


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