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Bobbly Bag

Two night ago I finished a new crochet bag. It was done just in time to take with me the first day of classes. For fall semester I have a great new bag. I have made this bag before. There are two mistakes in the pattern but other then that I LOVE making this bag. It is so quick and easy. The design is simple but fun because of the bobble stitches. This bag can hold a large amount of stuff. The first bag I didn’t line. The person who I made the bag for reported stretching. Since I would be carrying school books I made sure to put a lining in mine. Some other changes I made were to stitch up the outside edges, add another pocket and put ties in the center to help keep everything in. In one day I got two compliments on the bag. Usually I never get compliments on my crochet.

This next picture is a detail of the bobbles. I don’t know what it is but I love the bobble stitch. It’s fun to make and give a funky texture to a project.


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Ladies Costume Picnic

On August 10th me and a few other ladies dressed up and went out on a picnic. It was the first ever Ladies Costume Picnic. All the ladies looked lovely. We ate tea sandwiches, and cookies. To pass the day we flew kites, played boccie and chatted. The portrait shots were taken by Xenia.

This is Catherine. Lovely in my pink Elizabethan corset, blue skirt and chemise. She has just recently moved so she borrowed some pieces from my wardrobe.

Here is Xenia our wonderful photographer. She is wearing a lovely renaissance dress, again borrowed from my wardrobe.

Last but not least is Leah. She had a beautiful civil war dress that she made herself.

You can see my straw hat in this photo. I bought it plain from Just Two Tailors. These people were so helpful. They got me the hat blank in two days. I was so impressed. Later I will post closer shots of the hat.

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Regency Dress and Shoes


Shout Hurray! I have finished my regency gown and shoes. This gown was made from Past Pattern Lewis and Clark Era gown. That was the most perplexing pattern I have ever sewn. There is a large amount of fidgeting to get the bodice together and fitting the skirt. The dress is very comfortable. The style is more of the earlier regency dresses when they were more full. I have a little cotton kerchief. I quite like this dress. I was unsure about it at first but am quite happy with the finished dress. I have some other pictures.

 I haven’t decide whether or not to wear the kerchief at the picnic. This next one is of the back. The back is quite unique in how it is put together. I thought it was going to be more difficult than it was.

 Then to finish off the whole outfit is a pair of period looking slippers. What I did to make these was take a pair of brown satiny slipper I had for modern use and stitch on a new fabric over the top. I was going to make a hat but it was very difficult. So as a last straw I am going to order a blank straw hat. Then I am going to cover it with ribbons of all sorts.

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