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Huck Pencil Case


I am one of those numerous rushed college students. When I am trying to get packed up at the end of class to get to another one I can’t manage to get my pens neatly packed in their own pocket. This means that my pens end up everywhere in my backpack. Also I have two bags I switch between which means sometimes I forget to migrate the pens. So my solution was a pencil case. That way I can keep everything in it, easy to migrate and easy to keep pens organized in the same pocket as my notebooks. Of course since it’s me so it couldn’t be simple and it had to be handcrafted. I decided on huck embroidery, which is something I just learned this summer. I used aida cloth I had around and some embroidery floss I had. The inside is some white calico I had. I really like huck because it seems to go really fast.


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Courtship Quilt

My courtship quilt is finally done. This is a courtship quilt because of the fabric it is made of. The fabric is fabric that I had while my guy and me were dating. Some of the fabric is from clothes worn during this time. Other fabric is just fabric I had during the time. The center is just a simple one patch with nine patches in each of the corners. I started hand quilting it but I just wasn’t up to the challenge. So after a good chunk I began quilting it with my sewing machine. Basically I just quilted around the squares and added diagonal lines on the border pieces. The picture is really dark but it was a dingy day and I was too excited to wait.


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A Cabled Hat

WOOT! I have finally got to some crafting, and a cabled hat came out of it. I originally got the pattern off Crochet Me but I didn’t like how it was turning out. So after I ripped most of it out I changed the cable and things to the way I wanted them. I didn’t expect the spiral of the cable to happen but I really like how it turned out. This hat was made to be a way to use up some yarn I had but I think this will be a staple once winter comes. The yarn is Moda Dea Silk n’ Wool Blend in Plum.

With school going on I have barley been able to keep up with necessities of life. I crochet in-between classes on campus. It works really well and you get lots of people asking you “What are you making?”.

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