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Neighborhood Walk

I love Fall. The weather is nice and cool. The world starts to turn all sorts of wonderful colors. I love the color yellow, which is a very Fall color. However, I can’t wear yellow, it just doesn’t suit me. So I thought I would go out and get some Fall inspiration.

Beautiful birch trees are everywhere out here. I love birch trees. Their beautiful black and white bark. Then in Fall they turned this bright golden color.

One of our neighbors has this great garage. I just love the character it has.

I saw these great golden plums. It is such a shame the person didn’t harvest them. Golden plums are very yummy.

I love how shadows play on surfaces.

This photo is a little hard to see. It is two little monsters running away with a gnome. This picture is for my friend Xenia.


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October Morning

This morning I awoke to find this hanging from the roof line. I know winter must be coming. The Dark Eyed Juncos have begun to appear and icicles are forming. The temperature this morning was 29 F. Winter also means the time for afghans, and beanies, a great time to be a crafter.

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