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Happy Halloween!!!!!


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Saloon Girl

For Halloween I decided to be a saloon girl. The fabric is costume satin which I found out was really hard to sew. The pattern is really nice though. If I had sewed it from easier to work with fabric it would have been fun to sew. I used Simplicity 2851. The front of the bodice has the dark purple piping. There are tails on the back of the bodice. The over-skirt is a separate piece from the skirt. It is amazingly comfortable. That was a really nice surprise.

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Strawberry Scarf

The latest Interweave Crochet had a throw pattern in a strawberry stitch pattern. They also told you how to easy make the pattern into a scarf. I though what better for a strawberry scarf then a bright pink yarn.  So I made this scarf. It was a fun scarf to make. The stitch pattern was super easy to memorize, and it went really fast. I did maybe a total of 4 hours of crocheting. It is nice and wide just perfect for the chilly weather out here. The bright color will also help cheer me up when the dismal winter set in. Now I have two pictures here. The first is a normal photo. Then the second one is my trying to fix the brightness and then playing with contrast. It is a bit strange but I really like it.

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Neighborhood Walk

I love Fall. The weather is nice and cool. The world starts to turn all sorts of wonderful colors. I love the color yellow, which is a very Fall color. However, I can’t wear yellow, it just doesn’t suit me. So I thought I would go out and get some Fall inspiration.

Beautiful birch trees are everywhere out here. I love birch trees. Their beautiful black and white bark. Then in Fall they turned this bright golden color.

One of our neighbors has this great garage. I just love the character it has.

I saw these great golden plums. It is such a shame the person didn’t harvest them. Golden plums are very yummy.

I love how shadows play on surfaces.

This photo is a little hard to see. It is two little monsters running away with a gnome. This picture is for my friend Xenia.

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Fall Staples

Sometimes one needs to bake to just feel good. This last Sunday that was exactly the case. So I took a plain little can of pumpkin at turned it into some more interesting items.

So from this little can (actually it was a HUGE can) I made two yummy items. The first is Pumpkin Hazelnut bread. I just had some hazelnuts around, so I chopped some up and threw them in the batter. I also sprinkled some on top to make it look pretty. The other things i made was good old fashioned pumpkin pie. I have never made a pumpkin pie, so it was a new experience. I used extra pastry to make little triangles to stick on top. That too was to make it prettier. Now I know the photo is not good at all. It was dark out, but I couldn’t wait for natural light. My guy is a pumpkin pie fiend. Only 20 minutes later a large piece was gone from the pie.

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Tea Party

This Saturday I held a ladies costume tea party. We chatted for hours on end. We ate yummy tea food, like cookies, cake and tea sandwiches. The party was held at Leah’s house. It was a lovely time. Everyone looked lovely. Xenia again was our photographer.


This is lovely Leona. She’s wearing the green renaissance dress.

Here is Leah in her lovely victorian dress. Which goes wonderfully with the landscape.

This is me in my 1912 gown. It was made for an event at the Boldman House museum.

Xenia is her in the garden, a perfect setting for her medieval gown. It’s brand new and very lovely.

This is a picture of the table. You can see the cake I made and the wonderful cookies Leah made.

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October Morning

This morning I awoke to find this hanging from the roof line. I know winter must be coming. The Dark Eyed Juncos have begun to appear and icicles are forming. The temperature this morning was 29 F. Winter also means the time for afghans, and beanies, a great time to be a crafter.

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