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The Best Winter Slippers

Here are my new slippers. They are not actually new. Last winter I made these exact slippers but in different yarn and in different colors. The yarn turned out to be really horrible last time. By the time they were done they look awful. So before the cold truly sets in I decided I had to rework the tops. Why was it so important? Because I wore them all the time during last years cold months. I wore them to get mail, to do laundry and other things. They even do great in the snow.


These slippers are made by taking the bottom off some basic house slippers. Then you make granny squares for the top. I chose Red Heart Soft yarn. I had been eyeing these colors for some time but didn’t know what to do with them. When I went to get yarn for the slippers I knew exactly what yarn to get. They were super, super easy to finish this time. The hardest part is punching all the holes in the bottom piece, but that was already done this time round.



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Guest Towel

I love how quick Huck embroidery can go. Yesterday I finished this guest Huck towel for someone. I got this pattern offline from someplace I don’t remember. I used dark green and dark purple for most of the towel. Since it is going to be a special towel, I decided to add some gold thread. I like the pattern because it reminds me of Christmas trees.




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Crochet Beanie

Yesterday and today I whipped together a beanie. I used a blue, green and grey yarn. Instead of just a plain beanie I wanted to add cables. So I just used a 2 normal 1 cable stitch pattern. I can’t tell you what the yarn is. I just used some yarn I had in my stash. I love beanies for that reason. They use so little yarn that you can use what you have sitting around. I am giving it to a guy I know for Christmas, I’m not saying who. Sorry for the bad picture. The weather has been grey making hard to get good lighting in my home.


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Playing With Dolls

Last night and tonight I have spent my time making dolls. I saw this kit in the store and decided I had to have it. The kit was to make little origami dolls. So far I have made five different ones. There is three sitting style ones. One of these have a important purpose, but I am not liberty to say at this moment. The next two are a boy and a girl. The boy is wearing a little jacket. I had a lot of fun making these. They go together really fast and a calming to make. I wanted to try these because I have made paper geishas before. I learned to make big ones from Art Doll Quarterly. However I don’t have any pictures of those ones. I thought it would be fun to try a different kind of paper doll.


Three Little Girls from School Are We.


Spring Couple

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