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I have been AWOL for awhile now. First I couldn’t show anything because I was working on Christmas gifts. Then Christmas came and I took a break from crafting. I like to spend holidays playing games and haning with my family. Plus I felt drained after all the Christmas gifts and rough semester. Now I am back home and feel like I can get back into the groove. I have been playing with some paper cutting. It is called kirigami. I like it, it’s fun watching the shapes grow as you unfold it. My Mom got me a kit for Christmas. She also got me a stack of crochet books. I can’t wait to try some of the patterns. To go with the crochet books I got some costume books. All the pictures are so pretty, I am already planning dresses based on some of the pictures.



I also made some muffins today. They are poppy seed with strawberry jam on the inside. Then a light lemon glaze on top. They are very good with a nice hot cup of chai. 



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Christmas Munchies

It is the time to start making Christmas munchies. My first goodies to make was Reindeer Munchies. They are a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, chex and m&ms. These are really yummy. They are the kind of treat you set out and they’ll just get eaten really quickly. I like them best for giving away. I bundle them up and pass them out to everyone I know.  Soon I’ll be making the cookies.


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We finally got snow here. There was lots of slipping and sliding on the roads. When we were driving yesterday, we were stopped at a light. A young man slid on some icy spot and couldn’t stop. He hit us on the side, luckily it’s not that bad. However, Christmas plans are now up in the air. The car might be fixed in time, we might get a rental car or my Mom will drive up to get us. I just hope the car gets fixed soon. Other than the car though things are going well. I cleaned up the plants and put them away for winter. It snowed later that day. All the Christmas presents are coming along. I only have one more I have to finish. I might get done in time to start one that I wasn’t thinking I could get done. Tuesday a friend is coming over to craft with me. YAAA!!


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Fudgy Delight

The Christmas season is the season for fudge. I don’t usually make fudge any other time of the year than right now. This is because I like fudge so much, I might eat the whole pan if I’m not careful. I love fudge. I made a batch of chocolate fudge at first. The second batch my guy said he wanted coconut in it. This is a batch of the chocolate coconut fudge.


My December dash is almost done. I have just a few more days of school before Christmas break. I have only two projects left to get done. YAAA!

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December Dash

ornamentIt is that time of year again. Every crafter knows what I am talking about. The December Dash. This is the time that we crafters start working to finish the Christmas gifts were making. I know that I have four weeks but four weeks isn’t really that long when you think about it. There are classes, finals, baking, wrapping and all sorts of stuff to do right now. I probably won’t be putting any craft things on till January. Everything I am making lately is for someone who reads my blog. I don’t want to spoil any surprises. I have been getting crafty things done. I did just finish a shirt I can show, hopefully I will get pictures soon.
December Dash is here again! Good Luck to all you crafters, may you get all your presents done!

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