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Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. YA!!! For my birthday I wanted to make myself a new dress. I went to my fabric stash and got out 8 yards of spring green cotton. Out of that came this is a 1848 era dress. It’s Laughing Moon’s Round Dress.  I added cream braid around the neckline and sleeve ends. The bodice is the full gathered style. I realized this morning that this is a Jane Eyre dress. To me this is great because I have always loved Jane Eyre and wanted a dress from the period, now I have. Early Victorian is in my opinion, one of the prettiest styles. Movies like Cranford, Under the Greenwood Tree and Jane Eyre  do a great job at this style.  I tried to do the period hair style with the twist, but it didn’t work. So I just did the ear coverage. I always thought this type of hairstyle felt funny to wear. Sorry the picture is not that good. I was trying to just get in done in time to be able to post it. I have to confess the dress still needs one things done to it, which is the skirt hem. Once that’s done, I plan to retake photos of the dress. When I do that I’ll also wear my corded petticoat so the skirt flares out like it’s supposed to. I just couldn’t make myself finish the hem this morning, after I staid up till midnight last night to finish the rest.



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New Underwear

I have new underwear! I am working on a big project right now. Because of what the project is I finally needed  a Victorian corset. I haven’t had a Victorian corset in many years. The last one rusted around the grommets, because I didn’t know how to take care of them. This one is made with cotton, a tan color with little pink roses. I don’t like white corsets, I don’t know why. Since I needed this corset in a hurry I didn’t use certain supplies. I didn’t use a busk or steel boning. It’s closed with hook and eyes, and has plastic boning. I added the green ribbon on top just because I liked the ribbon. I used the Simplicity Pattern 5729. I have to admit I do not like the line of Fashion Historian patterns. The dresses look so pretty, and I hear good reviews, but I hate using them. I admit I have only used them twice. Each time though, the construction was not the best, and the fitting was horrible. On the corset I took in fabric so I didn’t get a gaping hole in the top.

While I was sewing my corset I decided I needed a new chemise. The chemise is from the same pattern. I took the shoulders in a little, because they were falling off my shoulder. I added beading to the top, and put in purple ribbon. The material is just plain white muslin. I keep a bolt around simply to make things like chemises, when I need them. I am so happy now that they are both done. They took my about a week together. I have a pretty new set of underwear for a new dress that I will be sewing soon.


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Men’s Socks

Where I live there is about 4 to 5 months of snow. This means my Guy is wearing heavy winter boots that same amount of time. We live close to where we go to school and work, so this means we walk a lot in the snow as well. I wanted to make him socks for Christmas this year, nice warm ones. I didn’t manage to finish them in time for Christmas, but they are done in time for him to walk to classes Monday in them. I’ve never made socks for him, so I went with a pattern that had lots of stretch, that way I wouldn’t have to worry so much about sizing. They’ve got 7″ long double ribbed cuffs. The foot is worked in normal half double crochet stitches. The yarn is a twist of black and grey, called Carbon Twist, from Knitpicks.  My Guy approves of them and likes them, now we’ll just wait for the next round of snow to hit.


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Hopes of Warm Weather


In the midst of all of this I decided to make a this shirt. I had the things to make this shirt, so I did, even though it will probably be 4 months before I can wear it. I am starting a big project and I wanted to make something quick. It took me probably a day of sewing to get this shirt done. The fabric is from Fabric Depot in Gresham, OR. I don’t have a decent fabric shop where I live, so when I get near one I like to buy a couple things at a time. The pattern is hard to see, but on the navy background is tan fan shapes. I can’t wait to actually get to wear this. Sorry for the bad picture, the lighting today is horrible.


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Olympic Scarves

The Special Olympics put out a call for people to make blue and white scarves. I decided to try and make some. I have made two scarves. One is thin, with stripping and fringe. The second has big stripes with fringe on the bottom. The scarves that people donate are then given to participants of the Special Olympics; everyone gets a scarf. The scarves were very fast to make, since they were simple stitching. I love the colors for the Special Olympics, they are very bright and cheerful.


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