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Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. YA!!! For my birthday I wanted to make myself a new dress. I went to my fabric stash and got out 8 yards of spring green cotton. Out of that came this is a 1848 era dress. It’s Laughing Moon’s Round Dress.  I added cream braid around the neckline and sleeve ends. The bodice is the full gathered style. I realized this morning that this is a Jane Eyre dress. To me this is great because I have always loved Jane Eyre and wanted a dress from the period, now I have. Early Victorian is in my opinion, one of the prettiest styles. Movies like Cranford, Under the Greenwood Tree and Jane Eyre  do a great job at this style.  I tried to do the period hair style with the twist, but it didn’t work. So I just did the ear coverage. I always thought this type of hairstyle felt funny to wear. Sorry the picture is not that good. I was trying to just get in done in time to be able to post it. I have to confess the dress still needs one things done to it, which is the skirt hem. Once that’s done, I plan to retake photos of the dress. When I do that I’ll also wear my corded petticoat so the skirt flares out like it’s supposed to. I just couldn’t make myself finish the hem this morning, after I staid up till midnight last night to finish the rest.



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Hopes of Warm Weather


In the midst of all of this I decided to make a this shirt. I had the things to make this shirt, so I did, even though it will probably be 4 months before I can wear it. I am starting a big project and I wanted to make something quick. It took me probably a day of sewing to get this shirt done. The fabric is from Fabric Depot in Gresham, OR. I don’t have a decent fabric shop where I live, so when I get near one I like to buy a couple things at a time. The pattern is hard to see, but on the navy background is tan fan shapes. I can’t wait to actually get to wear this. Sorry for the bad picture, the lighting today is horrible.


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