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Hair Flower or Kanzashi

On the Internet some time back I saw instructions on how to make a traditional Japanese hair flower (kanzashi). I kept meaning to make one. Then I was looking online again and saw information for kanzashis. Then I put two and two together. I have always been in love with Japanese dress, especially geisha dress. So without much thinking I went at making a kanzashi. I got the tutorial from this blog, though some information out there. This was my first attempt. I used a flat bead with two small gold beads for the center. I hot glued the flower onto a small hair clip. The flower didn’t turn out as full as I wanted. Though I do like how it turned out.



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With the onset of cold weather this winter I decided I wanted to try wearing a cowl. It would keep my neck warm, but it wouldn’t take up so much space. When you have to carry all your winter gear around campus having smaller things is better. So, I set out to find crochet cowl patterns, which there really isn’t that many nice ones out there. On-line I ran into the pattern for this one, and I instantly liked it. So with some left over grey Red Heart Soft Yarn I started at it. It didn’t take me more than a couple hours. Originally I had buttons in the back, like the original. Then, I realized they were bound to get caught in my hair, so I took them off and sewed up the back seam. The cowl is nice and toasty, as I was taking photos, snow started to fall. It’s great because it fits into the neck opening of my jacket and doesn’t create bulk under the jacket.


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Hip Scarf

The other night I made a hip scarf for myself. I am taking hula classes right now and we wear hip scarves in class. This past weekend my Mom bought me some fabric from the local quilt shop. I cut the scarf to be long and a medium width. After it was finished I added from fringe to the sides with some embroidery thread. I haven’t been working on any major projects right now. Classes are in full swing now, and I need to pump most of my energy into them. However, I do have a few small projects lined up. Sometimes it’s good to just get some small things done.


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