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Birthday Picnic

Last week was Leah’s birthday. She chose to have a costume picnic. So we all went out to the park in our finery again. We all played bocce ball, and diabolo. Also we played Blind Man’s Bluff. That was so much fun. Two of us had so much fun we riped our dresses, Xenia and I riped the bottom of our dresses. Luckily they are both easy fixes. All the pictures were taken by Xenia, as everyone else forgot their cameras.


Here is the birthday girl. She is holding the present I got her. It was made by my Mom, who is a great doll artist. The dragon matches her Italian Renaissance dress.


Next is Xenia. I know she looks small in the picture. I couldn’t find a good single shot of her.


Third is Leona. She looked great as Hermoine.


This cute lady is Britney. She is expecting her first little one in about a month.


Lastly is me. This is the dress I made as a birthday present to myself. My hair is falling out as it was hours into the day.


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I just had to share this with everybody. I am now a college graduate.

lolita 004

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Casual Lolita

I wanted to share my first lolita outfit. It is meant to be casual. The shirt is one that I bought and added lace to. The skirt I made myself. You can’t see it but it’s a print with lots of vines and hearts, it’s just a delicate print. The socks are Hottopic and the shoes are Dansko. I am so happy that it is done. I had to wear it the minute I finished it. It was so much fun to wear. YA!


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