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Summer Weekend

This is how I passed the weekend. My tomato plant this year is doing well. I might actually get normal sized tomatoes.


I also crocheted a pair of baby booties. My best friend Catherine is expecting her first kid in August. So I am busily trying to get baby things made up. Their in a yarn that matches a little hat.



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Kimono Doll

I have made another washi doll. She’s just a little regular kimono doll. I tried a new technique for making the head. I used polymer clay for the head. I found it super easy to make the head. The only thing is that she is a little top heavy. She’s wearing a red washi paper kimono with a pink under kimono. Her obi is a pretty green made with gathered paper. I like the direction her had is tilting. It helps gives her some personality.


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Graduation Party

I had my college graduation party a week or so ago. It was the first time that I wore a full lolita outfit. We had lots of fun. The first picture is of me in my first lolita outfit. I made the whole thing myself. The second picture is of Leah. She was such a cute black loli. Xenia and Leona were cute in their semi-loli outfits.





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