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Baby Bounty

As I have said before my best friend is expecting her baby anytime soon. This was the last round of baby things I made for her. The major thing in the pile was a baby quilt. It is made of printed baby panels that I embroidered over the letters in bright red. The back of the quilt is a red background with tan stars. There is also a pair of crochet baby sock, and beanie. Plus I crocheted two bath mitts.  I made a little robe out of muslin on which I embroidered a mushroom. There is a little bonnet to match.

baby 007


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I am so excited I have to post. I bought my first car. I just wanted to share with people cause I know friends and family read this blog. So this is my new car. It is the first car I have ever had. It feels so good to have my very own car. Now I can drive myself instead of having to always to ask for rides. YAAAA!!! It’s a 90’s Ford Explorer.


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Washi Doll Weekend

This past weekend I went and staid with my Mom. I was teaching her how to make washi dolls. I managed to get three dolls done, including the doll I made Friday before I left. This first doll is a warabe doll. I just got a book about making more complex warabe dolls and this is the first try from the book. She is supposed to look like she is sitting on a cushion.


This second doll is a tiny washi ningyo. Her head is made of polymer clay. This is the first time I’ve managed to get the wire into the arms of this kind of doll. I like how she turned out.


Lastly is a large washi ningyo. She is the same pattern as the last one I made. This time though I actually managed to get the arm area right on her. She is holding a little fan and has a bow in her hair. I am slowly learning how to make nice washi dolls.


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Cherries! Cherries!

This is my first lolita jumper skirt. It is made of a big cherry print on black fabric. There is two rows of lace at the bottom and three false buttons at the neckline. I love how this dress turned out! I was drafting a pattern from GosuRori magazine but I couldn’t get it to look quite right, so I went and bought a pattern; Vogue 8184. I added lacing to the back to have a slight adjustment in fit.






This is what I am calling a blog wave. It’s to my friend Leah who is in Tokyo till Christmas.

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