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After the camping trip I’ve been working on a few projects steadily. I have finished embroidering a tablecloth. The design is bunches of violets. It is worked in cross-stitch. Violets are my favorite flowers. I just have to figure out where in my house I can put the tablecloth.


This past I also got a new washi doll book. I wanted to make every single project in the book. The past few days I’ve been making one or two washi dolls a day. I have made a couple different types. The doll in the front is a 3-D washi doll. She is a maiko with a polymer clay head. I had problems with the head going onto the body but I think it turned out ok. I made a warabe doll. She is the one in the pink kimono with the white obi. I have made this pattern before and really like it. I like her a lot and I am thinking about mounting her and hanging her in my sewing room. The tall, thin dolls are from the new book I got. I believe they are meant to be bookmarks. They are very simple to make. I think my friends will be getting bookmarks for Christmas. I plan to use the green one with long sleeves for myself.



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Camping Trip

The past week Mark and I spent our time camping. We went out to Dworshak State Park, which is a park we went to last year and fell in love with. We had a great time camping, even if we both got bad sunburns. The first picture is of a little chipmunk that kept us company. He was so cute I had to take a picture.

 dworshak2009 009

The next picture is of some clouds. One night the sky was filled with beautiful cloud formations. You could see everything from our camp.

 dworshak2009 013

The last picture is a shot of the reservoir from a trail that we took around the back of the camp.

dworshak2009 019

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