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Halloween Costume

I know that I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy working on three Halloween costumes. They are not all for me. The first is my own costume. the second is Mark’s, and thirdly is my friends Xenia’s. I won’t tell you what my costume is just yet. I wanted to make my friends guess. So look at the picture and try to guess. A clue is that she is from Greek mythology. Also sorry for the poor lighting, it was snowing. Yes, snowing. I’ll try to take better pictures later.  

 halloween 006


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Spare Time Pretties


I have a real job now. It is taking a lot of time getting used to not having tons of crafting time. I have managed to do a couple things in spare moments though. I made another pair of lace mitts. They are pretty much the same as the last but in a different stitch pattern. I thought I might run out of yarn as the skein is supposed to only make one pair of mitts. I still have yarn left over though, I think I need to make a cell phone case. I also tried making a new cookie; whoope pies. This is a Giant Chocolate Whoope pie with mint filling. Everyone seemd to like the cookie. I took one of the two to a birthday party I went to Friday. (Hey Leah, I plan to bake lots of mint while your in Japan. That way you don’t have to worry about it.)


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Lilac Lace

lacemittsA couple days ago I started working on a pair of lace mitts. My Mom had given me beautiful lilac colored yarn. The mitts worked up really quickly. They are delicate and warm. The yarn is a wonderful wool. The pattern is from this shop. I really liked how they turned out. I have enough yarn left over I’m making a second pair.

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This week I started my new job. I’ve worked 40 hours this week. So I didn’t get too much done. I made a nice big fuzzy scarf. I finished just in time for the cold weather. The second project I got done was a new type of washi doll. She was hard to make. The body has wire inside and I don’t work well with wire. Next time I think I know how to do it more easily. Next time I make her it should be much better.



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