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Mighty Ninja

I know your not supposed to show Christmas gifts but Mark never reads this blog so I am not worried. This little ninja is for Mark. He is crocheted. I think he is so cute! I made him in a handful of hours. He even has a little throwing star. He’s from the book Creepy Cute Crochet.


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Hello Slippers

Yesterday I made a pair of slippers. I found this fabric when I was down in Portland last. I fell in love with it and my Mom was nice enough to buy me a small piece. The pattern is from Simplicity. They went together really quickly. I finished them in an evening. The Hello Kitty fabric is a flannel. It’s super nice and cozy, perfect for the coming winter.

slippers 006

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Purple Kimono Washi

I decided with my day off I would make a washi doll.  I’ve been neglecting washi doll because I was so busy with Halloween costumes, and now I’ve started on Christmas presents. However today I decided I really wanted to play with washi paper. Again this is a new type of washi doll. I really like making dolls with face made with cotton and paper, like this one is. She has a purple kimono and a bright patterned obi. She has a red blossom in her hair. I think she turned out quite well. I had a great time making her. I just need to find something to make her stand up. In the photo it is just luck she stood up.


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Halloween Treats

Halloween is over and done with. I made lots of fun treats to share with my friends. I made candy finger bones that I put on lollipop sticks. I also made White Chocolate and Candy Corn brittle. The last treat I made was cupcakes. They are red velvet cupcakes with dark green frosting. The tombstones are white almond bark that I dyed.




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