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Christmas Beanie

Someone I know wanted to give a friend a beanie for Christmas. So I made the beanie. It’s a basic pattern beanie. I created the pattern myself, and have used it for three beanies. In exchange for the beanie I got a set of mini Christmas lights. I think a fair exchange. It went together in about two hours. Hopefully the person likes it.


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Homemade Advent

Mark and I could not find an Advent calendar we liked. So we decided we should make one. We designed it together and I put it together. The calendar took me two days to make. The whole thing is made basic felt. On the tree is 24 little buttons that will hold all the ornaments. The pocket numbers are embroidered by hand in red thread. I grew up with chocolate Advent calendars, so the pockets are holding both ornaments and little chocolates. Mark put together the bar at the top and hung it. So this was a co-op project for us. He also drew the tree shape because I cannot draw tree shapes at all. I am so excited it is December and enjoying using the Advent calendar. Sorry for the not so good pictures.

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