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First Bento

Yesterday I made my first bento box. It wasn’t anything too spectacular. The box is octodogs on a bed of brown rice. I cut cucumber skin to look like seaweed.  The second half of the box is cucumber slices and a rocher candy. I received my bento box in the mail Tuesday and couldn’t wait to try making my first bento.


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Chilly Winter Day

Well today was amazingly productive. I finished a little plaid capelet. The entire capelet is a stash buster. The fabric was given to me and the button I had in my button jar. I was proud of myself. I actually managed to get the plaid nicely lined up. The fabric is 100% wool. I also managed to make some cookies today. For some reason I remember seeing these cookies in a cookbook a long time ago. I wanted to try making them but it took some time to find the recipe. I found it in a 1973 Better Homes and Garden. They are super yummy. Instead of being made in checkerboard they can also be made in many different shapes.

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More Bookmarks

Yes, I made more washi bookmarks. The one I had been using for awhile has gotten a little worn out. I made two of them because I couldn’t choose between the two kimono papers. One is in a more traditional blue and white and the second is in a pale green. You can’t see it but the pale green one has bunnies on it.

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Crochet Cap

Finally this hat is finished. This hat is the third version of a hat I’ve tried to make for about three weeks. Actually this hat looks nothing like the first two. The first two were tam style hats that I really did not like. So I tried making the hat in a pattern I’ve been eyeing for a while. I like this cap better than the first two tries. It has purple buttons and a cream trim. The pattern is from the Interweave Crochet Fall ’09.

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Fancy Cake Take 1

I made a cake early this week. It was my first real attempt at making a slightly fancy cake. It is a plain white cake with lemon curd and blackberry fillings. It is triple layer. I tried beading the frosting around the edge which kinda worked. I was just using a ziploc baggy without any tips. The garnish on the cake is blackberries and thyme. The cake went over extremely well. Everyone said it was delicious. The person who I made it for specifically, asked for the recipe.

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With the Holidays and family visits, there hasn’t been much time for me to craft or write about crafting. I got some cool books for Christmas that I’m super happy to add to my library. I do have one thing to show you. These are a pair of mitts I made for Mark. They are made from a ball of yarn in my stash. I wrote the pattern myself. The second picture is of my Amaryllis bulb. It was lovely when it bloomed. I eventually got four blossoms out of it.

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