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More Bookmarks

Yes, I made more washi bookmarks. The one I had been using for awhile has gotten a little worn out. I made two of them because I couldn’t choose between the two kimono papers. One is in a more traditional blue and white and the second is in a pale green. You can’t see it but the pale green one has bunnies on it.


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Fancy Cake Take 1

I made a cake early this week. It was my first real attempt at making a slightly fancy cake. It is a plain white cake with lemon curd and blackberry fillings. It is triple layer. I tried beading the frosting around the edge which kinda worked. I was just using a ziploc baggy without any tips. The garnish on the cake is blackberries and thyme. The cake went over extremely well. Everyone said it was delicious. The person who I made it for specifically, asked for the recipe.

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