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Red Toile Loli

I’ve had this dress for about two months now. I was just waiting for the red shoes to show up. It is a loli dress, which I made myself. The bodice is lined and there is ties at the waist. My red shoes are from Bodyline. I wore this dress the other day when I went out with friends on a Loli day. So far this is my favorite loli dress. I had lots of fun wearing it. Sorry I didn’t do anything with my hair because I was racing the daylight.


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Good Hair Day

With my hot glue gun and some felt I made a handful of hair accessories. There are two plain flower ones, one is a rose and the other is a dogwood blossom. I have a pair of blue bows that go with one of my loli dresses. Then there are tow made with purple flowers. One is just made with flowers for everday wear. The second is meant to go with my yukata. It has little gold bobbles that hang down. It’s meant to be worn in my hair or on my obi.

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Simple Saying

Last week I finished this little cross-stitch quote. My favorite line is the “Live Simply”. The piece was a kit. I thought it would take much less time than it did. All the little flowers though took more time than expected. I managed to get it into a frame. I’d also like to apologize. The next couple months will probably be sparse on posts. My current job takes all my crafting  energy out of me so on my days off I don’t do much. Also crafting supplies are becoming harder to come by. But please bear with me. In early Summer I should have a new job and lots of good time for crafting and creating. YA! I’ll still be crafting now but probably not as much as usual.

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