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Spring Cometh

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I went on a trip and right now I’m recovering from a cold. Hopefully stuff will come soon to show you. Here is a picture of my baby lettuce that has just come up.


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I am so happy with this doll. She feels like the first real washi doll I’ve made. She is actually from the only English book I have on washi dolls.  She has a marumage hairstyle which is what married women wore. She has both a plain comb and hairpin. Her kimono has the design of maple leaves. She is wearing a taiko or drum style obi. I added a thin gold cord round her obi.  She is the biggest doll I’ve ever made. I like her quite a bit, and she is going out on display.

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Happy Girl’s Day

This washi doll is in honor of Girl’s Day. I know that she isn’t an actual hina doll, the holiday kind of snuck up on me to make a hina set. She is however what I imagine a girl would look like to celbrate Girl’s Day. She’s wearing a pretty kimono, has her fan and hair kanzashi. She turned out a little wider than I wanted but I’m still learning how to make washi dolls. It isn’t always that easy when the books are in a language I can’t read. Hope you have a great Girl’s Day!

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Green Cables

This is a green cable scarf I crocheted. I have finished it just in time for Spring weather, and I’m not likely to wear ’till next Winter. I really like this pattern. This is the second time I’ve made up this scarf. I did added single crochet around the edge for structure. I love how thick and cozy the scarf is.

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