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Big Update

Hey Everyone! If you didn’t already know I have moved, which is why I seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. I was offered a job and obviously took it. I am pretty much all moved and I start this next week. I did find time last week to do some things other than moving. I made a sock creature. He was from a kit my Mom got me. I thought he turned out pretty cute. He is completely hand sewn. He took me a couple of days cause of that.

I also got all my vegetables planted. YA! So I’m gonna show you all those pictures. The first bed is beets and watermelon radishes. The radishes should be done in time for me to plant a late daikon harvest.

This next bed is tomatoes and cucumbers. I have a cherry and early girl tomato. I also have two types of cucumbers, lemon and normal.

The third bed is carrots and onions. The carrots are half longs. I have white and spanish red onions.

I have other vegetables as well. I am helping my Mom grow saffron crocuses. I have 6 lavender bushes I harvest. I have peas growing along the fence. I’m also trying to grow acorn squash and icebox watermelons. Hopefully in the next two couple weeks I can get back to crafting and all those kind of things.


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