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I went on a trip for a few days (pictures to follow in a few days) and while I was away my garden exploded! So I just have a lot of pictures to show. Let me explain this first picture, I pulled this onion because I thought it was dead and wasn’t actually of any size.

The next three pictures are all from the same bed. First is my bed that has both tomatoes and cucumbers. I swear it’s not just a jungle. The second and third are the two types of cucumbers I have growing. Which by the way, they weren’t there when I left a couple of days  ago.

Next I have the bed that holds my onions and daikon radishes. Then a close up of my peas, which are almost to the end of their life.

This last picture is my favorite. It’s my first baby watermelon. Isn’t he so CUTE!


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Happy Feet

Yes, I know that I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I moved about two months ago and it seems I haven’t had time to do anything. Almost every weekend has been busy travelling or going to events. I finally ordered pink and white loli shoes for myself. I think they’re so cute I wanted to share.

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