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I feel like I haven’t got much done in August. That is true. I just have been working and doing other things with my life. I’ve also been suffering from the heat badly this summer, so I just like to lay around and read. I have been making a new loli¬†outfit, but the blouse was awful so I have to make a new one. I’ve been getting lots of produce from my garden. I think I’m going to try teaching myself that I’d forgotten I wanted to learn oh so many years ago.


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Goal List

My friend Xenia has convinced me to post my goal list for this coming year. I feel a little embarrassed posting it because then everybody can see it, but here it is.

Goal List 7/2010 – 7/2011

  • Read 20 Books
  • Lose 20 Pounds
  • Finish 20 Projects
  • Learn to cook 20 new recipes
  • Put $2,000 in savings
  • Make 20 Washi dolls
  • Start Photo Album
  • Get rid of and replace all my crappy clothes
  • Wear loli once a week
  • Go on private vacation
  • Find Inner Self
  • Learn 50 Chinese characters
  • Get tattoo
  • Correct my posture

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Mini Washi Doll

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Finally my swedish weave blanket is done and I can show it off. I started this project years ago. (Shameful face) This is a full twin size blanket and there is a lot of hours put into it. Even though it took forever I feel so proud now that it’s done. I’ve decided to call it Blue Mountains. I live and was raised near a mountain range called the Blue Mountains and they are my favorite mountains anywhere. Even though they are small I think they’re beautiful. So I think this blanket will help me remember them when I eventually move away.

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