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Halloween 2010

The Ghost of Versailles.


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Hair Styling Lesson

So in exchange for helping her at the theater, I am getting hair styling┬álessons. My first day was today. I did four hairstyles I didn’t get a picture of the first one, which was just basic victory rolls. The second one is a Gibson girl. We didn’t have a proper hair rat, so you can see the white bag that we used instead, so forgive me.

The third one I tried was a 1960s French twist. I ratted the whole head. I did this whole one by myself. I thought it turned out nice.

The last one we did was two huge Victory rolls. We each did a different side, with her doing it first so I could see how it was done. I figured out how to do the middle myself. With all of these I felt terribly untalented. It takes a ton of hand dexterity. I really liked it though. I think I’m going to look at more classes, maybe look at what it might be like to do hair and makeup professionally.

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