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23 for 23 Goal List

Ok, I already had one goal list that isn’t that old. But…due to some issues in my life I have not stuck to it at all. However I am determined. So I made a new goal list, 23 goals for my 23rd year, tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. For this goal list I have a check sheet so I can see if I didn’t keep up with something, and I plan on taking photos of the things that can be photographed. Hopefully these two things will help me stick to it.

23 for 23 Goal List

  1. Everyday take my vitamins and take a moment of reflection.
  2. Exercise 3x a week.
  3. Try something different with my hair 1x a week.
  4. Practice voice 2 hrs. a week.
  5. Spend 2 hrs. a week studying.
  6. Stretch 2x a week.
  7. Practice hula 1x a week.
  8. Write in my journal 3x a week.
  9. Spend 1 day a month outdoors.
  10. Give myself a fancy manicure 1x a month.
  11. Try a new makeup look 1x a month.
  12. Read 1 book a month.
  13. Put $50 into savings every month.
  14. Make 1 washi doll a month.
  15. Learn 2 new recipes a month.
  16. Make 1 cake every month.
  17. Put together 1 page in photo album a month.
  18. Add 1 thing to my Lolita wardrobe a month.
  19. Trim my hair every other month.
  20. Write 20 pages every 2 months.
  21. Finish 24 projects in a year.
  22. Stop fidgeting.
  23. Get tattoo.

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Pale Blue Jumperskirt

So this is my new lolita  jumperskirt. It’s a pale blue with white dots. It has white ribbon trim and a double tier skirt. The skirt isn’t as full as I usually make them. I know it doesn’t look very good on the mannequin. I’m hoping to do a full photo shoot when we finally have some snow, cause I think it will look pretty against the white background.

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Lolita Nightgown

So I was this nightgown pattern in a lolita magazine and I NEEDED to have it. I just loved how girly and pretty it was. So I used the magazine pattern and was a little dubious. I worried that it would be a huge challenge. Actually the nightgown went together great. It fits beautifully and was super easy to sew. I definitely plan to make a second one. I wore it last night and it’s comfortable. Best of all it makes me feel like a Jane Austen heroine.


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