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Blue Dot Tank Top

So I decided a couple of weeks ago that I want some comfy room wear. Stuff that you can wear around the house but not have to be wearing normal clothes. Ya, I could wear sweatpants and a t-shirt but I don’t want too. So I plan to start making myself some room wear. I had fabric left over from a lolita jumperskirt so I decided to make a tank top. It was super fast and easy to put together.


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Brown Lolita Ensemble

I finished a new lolita outfit. It’s a brown gingham skirt with a matching brown jacket. The bow on the jacket is detachable so I can wear the jacket with other outfits. This is my first cold weather lolita outfit. Which I’m super happy about cause Spring may be coming early but it’s still chilly.

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Whoopie Pie!

I made whoopie pies today. I love whoopie pies, and I just got a cookbook all about them. So I decided to try making some. These are chocolate with honey buttercream filling. Yum!

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Fancy Manicure

So here is my first “fancy” manicure. Part of my goal list is one fancy manicure a month. To help make myself stick to things I’m going to take pictures when I can. This is dark blue with snowflakes. I really wanted snowflakes because it’s barely snowed this year.

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Ya, I know that I’m late with this one but I was on a trip. I made a big chinese dinner but the photos didn’t turn out good. Anyways, Happy Year of the Rabbit!

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