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This morning I decided I wanted to make a super fancy cake. I had no reason to other than I just felt like it. It’s an orange cake with a sugar-orange filling. It has chocolate frosting. I got to try out my frosting tips I got for Christmas! I think it turned out pretty well.


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Her colors remind me of Easter. I made her about a week ago. I hope you all have a Happy Easter.

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Moved In

Well I’m all moved in and super happy. I love my new home so far. I’m very ready to start sewing. As soon as I get an iron and iron board I plan to be going at it. I have several lolita dresses I’m anxiously waiting to make. By the way these cool mushrooms are right outside my front door. I’m not used to so many trees!

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Fun Day

Yesterday I had a day with friends. It was lots of fun. First we went to the patisserie and bought 7 different things and split all of them. It was nice to try a variety of yummies.

We went to the park and looked at all the birds. They have an exotic bird display. We of course took photos of everyone too.

This is a picture of Nicole. She’s someone I met thru Catherine. They are both in school together.

Then theres Catherine. Showing off her cute new hairdo.

This is my blue polka dot jumperskirt, it’s the first time I got to wear it.

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