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I love to use pouches to store things. So, since I’ve been in an embroidering mood I decided I needed a new one. The characters on the front are Chinese. I put this whole thing together in a day, including the embroidery. This was, perhaps, the best satin stitching I’ve ever done.


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Kitchen Towel #1

I have a large amount of blank kitchen towels that have just been waiting to get embroidered. Now that I have my own home again I have a use for them. So since I have felt like doing embroidery I decided to start working on them. So be prepared to see a lot of these in the next month or two. Each one is themed I must say. So this first one is kind of a romantic/sweet one. It has a leaf and a rose. As well as the saying “Sweet” and a swan.

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Little Things

I have been crafting and doing things I promise.┬áTaking pictures in my new place isn’t that easy. Hopefully I figure out how to get pictures of the bigger things I’m making. However I did make these 2 pairs of bobby pins the other night. They are just self covering buttons on bobby pins. I like them cause you could make them as cheap gifts for friends or make them to match a certain outfit.

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