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Summer Trip

I just got back from my summer trip. I didn’t get many pictures because my camera was dead and I didn’t realize it when I packed it. Anyways my friend Catherine sent me a great picture she took. So I decided to share it. The picture is of me and Robert, Catherine’s little boy. We are out in the mountains picking huckleberries. Well I was picking, he was eating.


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Self Portraits

Some of my family was asking for current photos of me, which I really don’t have. So today I decided to take some self portraits of myself. So I thought I’d share them. Just so you know these are taken one-handed cause I don’t have a tripod or remote shutter like one of my friends. They are all kinda similar but I was limited doing it myself. I decided to use flowers, one cause I LOVE flowers and I got two large bouquets yesterday.

Note: If you are a family member or a friend, just let me know and I can send you one of these in print form.

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