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Little Projects

So with all the things that I have going on I haven’t had much time to work on crafty things. However I manage to make two small projects. The first is a crochet cell phone cover. I dropped my phone and broke the case I had. I added the buttons because I thought they were cute.

The second is actually a trial project. I want to wrap people’s presents this Christmas in something fancy. So I found this origami pattern for a box. So I folded this box and I plan to use it for holding the jewelry I wear everyday.


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Hey Everyone, I bought this ring today and can’t identify the flowers on it. So any help would be great. I recognize the floral motif but cannot remember what the flowers are called. Thanks a bunch!

I figured it out. The flowers are Trilliums and they symbolize beauty, purity and healing. I got the ring at the University I just started attending last week. I am thinking of the ring as a remembrance piece of my starting college again and the school itself.

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Blackberry Cake

On a whim today after class I decided to bake a cake. I’ve been thinking about making this one for a while. It’s from one of my favorite cookbooks The Redwall Cookbook by Brian Jacques. It is the Blackberry and Apple Cake. It was super easy to put together, which was a huge bonus. It was supposed to have coarse sugar on top, but I have none. It tastes pretty good, on the less sweet side. I would add more vanilla and some spices, like ginger, next time. I am surprised at how pretty it turned out.

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