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Pear Pistachio Bundt Cake

So starts the round of holiday baking. For my Thanksgiving holiday I made a Pear Pistachio Bundt cake with Browned Butter frosting.  It was very good. I was a little unsure about the combo of pear and pistachio. However it is very good. Its like a classic spice cake with a little twist.



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Fall Washi Doll

I wanted to make a washi doll inspired by Fall. The leaves out here where I live are so beautiful and golden. So I wanted to make a doll that reflected this great time of year. I tried making her a japanese style vest but it didn’t turn out. I think she turned out very pretty though. In her hand she is holding golden ginkgo leaves.


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Not too long ago I went to Seattle to visit family. I didn’t get very many pictures because I forgot my camera. So I’m going to share pictures of some things I got while in Seattle. I have some craft projects I really want to share but I can’t because they are Christmas gifts for people. So you get to see other pretty things. The first is a figurine that I couldn’t resist. I didn’t even realize when I placed the figurine that the flowers pots behind them matches.

The second picture is of two hair barrettes my friend Xenia brought me from Alaska. I love them so much! I’ve already worn them a few times in just two weeks. I admired the ones she shared on her blog and asked her to get me similar ones.

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