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It’s My Birthday!!!!

I made myself some mocha cupcakes. 🙂 I know I kinda have a werid expression. I was staring at the camera screen.


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So I’ve been tagged by my friend Xenia. She is the friend who inspired me to take on the 52 Week Project, as she in on her second, count it second 365 Day Project. So I have to answer 11 questions. So if you interested click the link below. (more…)

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Kitchen Towel III

I finally got around to embroidering another kitchen towel. This one, there is no theme. I kinda put whatever I felt like at the time on it. There a mint green owl, star, moon, peach, and tea. They are all things I really like though.

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52 Week Project #4

Happy Chinese New Year!

“Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.”-Chinese Proverb

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52 Week Project #3

“The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”

-Miss.Prism, The Importance of Being Earnest.

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52 Week Project #2

“Let us love Winter, for it is the Spring of Genius.” ~Pietro Aretino

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Vintage Face

As some of you remember I was learning how to style hair last year. Well, I haven’t really been keeping that up. So I decided to start working on it again. The first challenge I gave myself was Victory Rolls. So here is my second attempt at Victory Rolls. The first crashed and burned hard-core. For the back of my hair I tried to fake a Page Boy style.

At first I found this hairstyle really jarring to wear. However, after wearing for an hour or so I really like it. It’s really fun and different from what my hair usually looks like. The red lips too, have grown on my. Not a color I’d wear except for dressing up, but fun to wear.

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