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52 Week Project #8

“A book tightly shut is but a block of paper.” – Chinese Proverb


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52 Week Project #7

” The firmest faith is in the fewest words.” – John Dowland

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Etsy Shop???

Hi Everyone! So I am thinking about opening an Etsy shop. I would love feedback on what kind of things you would like to see. So feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!!

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52 Week Project #6

“Lonliness is a deadly illness.” – Spice and Wolf Vol. 1

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52 Week Project #5

“If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.” ~Mark Twain

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Afghan of Doom!!

I nicknamed this afghan my Afghan of Doom. It’s wide enough to cover a Queen sized bed. The only reason it’s not long enough to cover the whole bed was, I just couldn’t work on it anymore. It is so big, it was really hard to work on it. Most of the yarn is scrap yarn, or odds and ends I had in my stash. I love how colorful it is. I wanted to make a ripple afghan cause my Grandma made one many years ago, and I wanted to do something similiar.

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