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“Cooking is ‘just chemistry’.” He crooked his fingers in an exaggerated air quote.

“Well, it isn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of magic.” Will uncrossed his arms to flop them helplessly.”Why else would they have all those cooking schools? You need a degree. It’s like Hogwarts.” ~ Cooper


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If the world that I dreamed of
Exists somewhere
Then shall we go search for it?
To the other side of the wind.

~Tabi No Tochuu (Opening to Spice and Wolf)


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Knitted Kerchief

What do you do with a little bit of scrap yarn?? You find a pattern that works with it and just go at it. This is how this kerchief came into being. I had completely failed trying to make something. I was frustrated and wanted to make something for myself that would be quick and easy. I had this scarp yarn and this pattern and thought why not? This kerchief is for those days you don’t feel like doing anything with you hair.

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Baby Gifts

My cousin is having her first baby this December. I’m really excited, so of course I had to make baby gifts. The first is a little baby jacket. Since the baby will be born in winter I wanted something that could be warm, but they live in New Mexico so I made it with this great cotton yarn.

I had yarn left over so I decided to make a baby bonnet as well. The bonnet took just an afternoon to make and looks so cute. I will be using this pattern again.

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No siren did ever so charm the ear of the
listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren. ~ Henry Taylor

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“Dream as if you’ll live forever.” ~James Dean

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Caught Red Handed

Mitts are one of my favorite kind of accessories. They are just so easy to wear and quick to make. So when I saw the pattern for these I needed to make myself a pair. The yarn color is called Pomegranate, and it is a very warm red color. They are 100% wool and I made them in 3 days. They are a reminder of how far my knitting skills have to go. Now all I need is some cold weather.

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