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More Socks!


I actually finished these socks last year and I realized I hadn’t shared them. The top are work in a self striping yarn. The bottom pair are done in a retro style rib at the pattern calls it. Nothing too exciting. After I finish the pair of socks I’m working on right now I’m going to start my first pair of period stockings.



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American Duchess is doing a giveaway for her new Nankeen regency boots. I’m super excited about these. I think they would be great in the summer with any regency dress. I’m very excited!

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rockin the hat

So it’s been chilly where I live and I like to take walks down to the beach. Which means lots of cold wind and during my move I managed to leave behind all my winter hats in storage. So I knit a new hat this week. It is a slouch beanie and I was really nervous when I finished the hat. It looked huge and I was worried I would need to shrink it. However I really love this hat. It’s super comfy. Its size means I can fit all my hair underneath it and it doesn’t feel tight on my head. I can also pull it down around my ears to keep out the cold breezes on the beach.

greyhaven hat

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New Garters


These garters were a Valentine’s day gift. My guy is getting new Elizabethan gear and his old garters will not match his new outfit. So I decided he needed some new ones. The garters are tablet woven with 4 hole cards. They are made with a #3 perle cotton. I added fringe on the ends in the dark blue color. I was worried that the cotton would make them hard to tie as it’s more slippery than wool but he tried them on and they seem to work just fine.


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I haven’t been great about sharing anything for months now. Even though I’ve decided to come back to my blog. I don’t really have any good excuses but part of it was just being busy, part was holidays. At the beginning of the year I moved to a completely new city and there is all the chaos that follows that. The past week I’ve been sewing for some commissions. Those are mostly done so I’ll be able to start my own sewing and crafting again. In the next three months I have a full Victorian ensemble and Elizabethan ensemble to make. As well as a man’s Elizabethan ensemble. So here I come sewing machine!

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