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More Socks!


I actually finished these socks last year and I realized I hadn’t shared them. The top are work in a self striping yarn. The bottom pair are done in a retro style rib at the pattern calls it. Nothing too exciting. After I finish the pair of socks I’m working on right now I’m going to start my first pair of period stockings.



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Purple Slouch Beanie

rockin the hat

So it’s been chilly where I live and I like to take walks down to the beach. Which means lots of cold wind and during my move I managed to leave behind all my winter hats in storage. So I knit a new hat this week. It is a slouch beanie and I was really nervous when I finished the hat. It looked huge and I was worried I would need to shrink it. However I really love this hat. It’s super comfy. Its size means I can fit all my hair underneath it and it doesn’t feel tight on my head. I can also pull it down around my ears to keep out the cold breezes on the beach.

greyhaven hat

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