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Lavender 1840s Gown


 This dress is an 1840s round dress made from Laughing Moons pattern. I like this pattern a lot. It fits well and I’ve made up the pattern twice. It is made with a lavender and cream print cotton. There is lace around the sleeve edges and around the neck. I hope to make a collar eventually. The buttons are shelf covered and I cut them so there was a flower in the center of each. The top picture is me wearing the dress with a great shawl I got as a present. The second picture is at the evening dance, so the lighting is not that great but shows the entire dress.



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New Undies!

So with my move all my costumes are in storage. I didn’t think this was going to be a problem. However, after I moved I found out I had a whole range of events coming up. So since it isn’t feasible to get to my storage unit at the moment new costumes were in order. The first is a Victorian ensemble. As I normally do I started from the inside out. I made a new chemise, drawers, and petticoat. First is the chemise and drawers made from Simplicity 2890. I added crochet trim on both of them. It is hard to tell in my bad pictures but there is a small picot trim around the neckline.

ChemiseOn the drawers I added a fan crochet trim on the bottom. The waist yoke has a point in the front, which is something I haven’t had before. However I think it will work well with the dress I’m making as it has a pointed front.

DrawersLastly is the petticoat. I feel one can never have enough of these things. This one has three bands of lace around the bottom. It was a great stash buster project as I’ve had that lace for several years. It looks flat in the picture but I plan to starch it before wearing to help give it body.

Lace Petticoat

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