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Fishing Trip

I’ve always wanted to become a fisher woman. So my boyfriend promised to take me out fishing. So we finally made it out on our first fishing trip. We went to a great place called Swofford Pond. I had a great time! It was beautiful and I managed to catch myself a fish. 012 013 018

We got to the pond in the late morning. We fished throughout the day but caught our fish in the evening. The sunset over the pond was amazing.

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He wasn’t a very big fish. A small mouth bass, maybe 6″. We didn’t keep him but that was okay. I was just super excited to catch my first fish.


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Color Addiction

I have to confess that I am a color addict. I love all the different colors out there and I love playing with color. Which explains why I am drawn to hobbies that let me play with color. Lately I’ve been playing with dyeing. Here are the results so far.


The dyes are all natural. From left to right the dyes are Mint with alum and iron, black beans with alum, blackberries with alum and iron, dried walnut hulls with alum, and horsetail with alum.

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This year for the summer Renaissance Faire, I decided my man needed a fancy new item. He had asked for a gentleman’s night cap since Spring. So I worked really hard and I managed to make his nightcap before the faire. He mostly wore it at night when every one was just sitting around relaxing. It is done in polychrome with cotton embroidery floss.



I loved this pattern cause there were so many different kinds of animals on the hat. I also added two animals not included in the original hat. We have guinea pigs and I thought it would be cute to include them. So there they are. I stitched them in their actual colors. Fun fact is that guinea pigs were actually popular pets in the Elizabethan era. I think the guinea pigs were his favorite part of the hat. 🙂



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The banner flying over camp.


My new Elizabethan gown. It is based off of Northern Italian style dresses. It is super comfy and I got lots of compliments. The fabric is a small pin stripe.


A masked man and his lady.


A side view of the new dress.


The sword.


A bunch of hooligans.


Taking the Queen by force.


Being Taken to Prison.


Fresh picked flowers.


First batch of spinning.


Wood fire bread oven.


Wooly sheep.


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