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1850s Gear

I volunteer at Fort Nisqually as a living history interpreter. The time period for the Fort is 1855. So this last year I’ve been working on putting together 1850s clothing. This dress is the first one that I made. It is a gathered front dress made from a 1825 roller print reproduction fabric.

full view

I also made a quilted hood. I started working at the Fort in January and I knew I wanted something to keep warm with. It is made of brown canvas and pink cotton print. I had stitched the quilting on the top.



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Lace Socks

purple socks

So now that life has calmed down a little I have time to craft again. Ya!!! During my lunch breaks I have a few minutes to spare. So I worked on these socks. They are a diagonal lace pattern in a variegated purple yarn. They yarn is super soft and I love the mix of black, blue and purple in the yarn.

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