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This year for the summer Renaissance Faire, I decided my man needed a fancy new item. He had asked for a gentleman’s night cap since Spring. So I worked really hard and I managed to make his nightcap before the faire. He mostly wore it at night when every one was just sitting around relaxing. It is done in polychrome with cotton embroidery floss.



I loved this pattern cause there were so many different kinds of animals on the hat. I also added two animals not included in the original hat. We have guinea pigs and I thought it would be cute to include them. So there they are. I stitched them in their actual colors. Fun fact is that guinea pigs were actually popular pets in the Elizabethan era. I think the guinea pigs were his favorite part of the hat. 🙂




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Solar Dyes


I have been wanting to try my hand at dyeing fabric for some time now. Last summer I tried dyeing fabric with carrots tops and onion skins and really liked the result. However now I have a smaller kitchen and I wanted something that would be easier for my space and for the amount of time I have. I read the article about solar dyeing in Knitscene Summer 2013. So I decided to give it a go. Here are two batches of wool out in the sun. One is wool roving with red cabbage. I added salt to change the ph level and hopefully I will get a blue color. The second is wool yarn with blackberries. I can’t wait to see the result.


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rockin the hat

So it’s been chilly where I live and I like to take walks down to the beach. Which means lots of cold wind and during my move I managed to leave behind all my winter hats in storage. So I knit a new hat this week. It is a slouch beanie and I was really nervous when I finished the hat. It looked huge and I was worried I would need to shrink it. However I really love this hat. It’s super comfy. Its size means I can fit all my hair underneath it and it doesn’t feel tight on my head. I can also pull it down around my ears to keep out the cold breezes on the beach.

greyhaven hat

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New Garters


These garters were a Valentine’s day gift. My guy is getting new Elizabethan gear and his old garters will not match his new outfit. So I decided he needed some new ones. The garters are tablet woven with 4 hole cards. They are made with a #3 perle cotton. I added fringe on the ends in the dark blue color. I was worried that the cotton would make them hard to tie as it’s more slippery than wool but he tried them on and they seem to work just fine.


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It’s the holiday season which means lots of scrambling to make things for Christmas. Last night I finished a knit ornament. The pattern comes from a book that has about 50 different patterns. I hope to make them all. So here is the first one.

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Cozy Cowl


Haven’t been getting anything done lately. However I finally finished this cowl. Woohoo!! I actually finished knitting it in August. It took me until this last week to block it. It is nice and light. I like the big eyelet panels and I hope to make matching mitts soon.

Cowl Detail

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Week 33

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