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Fisherman’s Cap

This is one sturdy little cap. It’s made from 100% wool and stitched in super strong single crochet. I made this for when I need a cap that will keep me very warm but doesn’t need to be stylish. It is made from spare yarn I had from making laces for my 14th century dress. It reminds me of the old-fashioned fisherman’s caps that I just love. All I need now is a pea coat.


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Can you guess my favorite flavor of ice cream?? I’m so glad to finish this afghan. I started it years ago. It’s just a simple granny square. It’s not very big, cause I plan to use it as a chair blanket or for sitting outside in the grass. I love the colors, so different from everything else I make.

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Patio Rug

So I have a cut timber patio. Not very comfy on the feet. So I made myself a little patio rug. It is nowhere near as big as I wanted it, but I was just using yarn scarps I had around. It just the right size though for the cat to lay on, which he does often. I think it’s cute and plan to make a bigger one later on.

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Afghan of Doom!!

I nicknamed this afghan my Afghan of Doom. It’s wide enough to cover a Queen sized bed. The only reason it’s not long enough to cover the whole bed was, I just couldn’t work on it anymore. It is so big, it was really hard to work on it. Most of the yarn is scrap yarn, or odds and ends I had in my stash. I love how colorful it is. I wanted to make a ripple afghan cause my Grandma made one many years ago, and I wanted to do something similiar.

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Turtle Socks

I finished these socks right before Christmas. I am calling them my turtle socks because the colors remind me of a turtle. The socks are super comfortable and were easy to make. I think they are comfortable because of the stretchy shells on top and the solid stitch bottoms. I would like to try making them again but in prettier colors.

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Little Projects

So with all the things that I have going on I haven’t had much time to work on crafty things. However I manage to make two small projects. The first is a crochet cell phone cover. I dropped my phone and broke the case I had. I added the buttons because I thought they were cute.

The second is actually a trial project. I want to wrap people’s presents this Christmas in something fancy. So I found this origami pattern for a box. So I folded this box and I plan to use it for holding the jewelry I wear everyday.

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Birthday Gift

Isn’t this the cutest sweater. I made it for my, I guess you could say “nephew”. I’m not his real aunt, I’m more like an auntie. He is turning 2, today. So Happy Birthday! I just hope it fits. It actually needs to be stretched out a little. Hopefully I can get a picture of him wearing it.

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