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One of the best times of the year is Fall. It is the blessed cool down after a hot summer. Every year my boyfriend and I go out to a farm and get pumpkins. We like one particular farm that carries all kinds of difference squash and pumpkins. We are squash fans so we love getting a large variety. The farm also has some of the most delicious apples and a small  flock of adorable sheep. Here are some pictures from our trip this year.

20151017_144640 20151017_145020 20151017_145520 20151017_154140 20151017_174830

This last picture is the stash that we came home with. Dumpling squash, a Naples long, two sugar pie pumpkins, a Japanese pumpkin I don’t remember the name of, the yellow one I don’t remember either, a Marina di Chioggia, and a Turks Hat. Unfortunately the Naples Long got damaged in the car and spoiled. So I think we will be going back to the farm for more squash.


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Fishing Trip

I’ve always wanted to become a fisher woman. So my boyfriend promised to take me out fishing. So we finally made it out on our first fishing trip. We went to a great place called Swofford Pond. I had a great time! It was beautiful and I managed to catch myself a fish. 012 013 018

We got to the pond in the late morning. We fished throughout the day but caught our fish in the evening. The sunset over the pond was amazing.

025 033

He wasn’t a very big fish. A small mouth bass, maybe 6″. We didn’t keep him but that was okay. I was just super excited to catch my first fish.

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So here are some photos of our little gardens progress. The plants seem to be growing pretty well. One of the rose bushes has started blooming and smells wonderful. You can see the new growth on the second rose bush. Even the honeysuckle has gained a few inches of growth.

DSCN0410 DSCN0407

Also I’ve started to fall in love with canning. There is something just very fascinating and fun about it. It is great to take seasonal food and be able to put them aside for later on in the year. Also I like it when I can make my own food rather than buy it. We live in a place with a great farmer’s market and can get some really nice things. I’ve made Strawberry-Rhubarb jam, Strawberry Syrup, Rhubarb Syrup, Sweet Pear and Cherries and some Cherry butter. Hopefully I can tackle some veggies soon.

DSCN0421 DSCN0423

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Fall Color

October (5)

Sorry I don’t have anything to share with you all. With graduate school and a new job I’ve been pretty busy. I do have things to share, once I can get a couple of pictures. Hopefully next week I can show off my 1838 dress I’m working on. 🙂 For now enjoy the pretty Fall pictures and Happy Autumn!

October (22)

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My friend Xenia is a pro photographer. She is an awesome photographer, I love her work. I hope that one day I can be as good as her. So when we were up there she included me in her 365 Photo project. Also she took some portraits for me I really appreciate. So I thought I would share. First is a Patronus Photo.


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Alaska Part 4

Let me just start this last Alaska post by saying I loved Alaska. It was amazing. Some people go and never want to go back. For me Alaska was love at first sight. I liked it so much that after I finish grad school I’m going to move there for 1 year. Just 1 to try it out and see how it goes. I had a fabulous time up there and lots of fun with my friend Xenia. Now for the photos. (more…)

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Alaska Part 3

Another photo post of Alaska! This first picture is of Xenia and I on a ghost tour of Anchorage. It was loads of fun.


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