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This is my first attempt at a fancy embroidered collar you see so often in the 1850s. I went for a very simple design of scallops and a ribbon pattern. I loved the part where I got to cut the scallops free from the fabric. This is definitely the first of many new collars.


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This year for the summer Renaissance Faire, I decided my man needed a fancy new item. He had asked for a gentleman’s night cap since Spring. So I worked really hard and I managed to make his nightcap before the faire. He mostly wore it at night when every one was just sitting around relaxing. It is done in polychrome with cotton embroidery floss.



I loved this pattern cause there were so many different kinds of animals on the hat. I also added two animals not included in the original hat. We have guinea pigs and I thought it would be cute to include them. So there they are. I stitched them in their actual colors. Fun fact is that guinea pigs were actually popular pets in the Elizabethan era. I think the guinea pigs were his favorite part of the hat. ūüôā



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One Glamorous Kitchen Towel

For some reason I really wanted to embroider lots of cute motifs on this towel. Which is a shame cause it’s going to be used in the kitchen and get all stained. It’ got a cat, ribbons, blue birds, cherries and a beribboned¬†Scottie dog. It reminds me of the glam 1950s.


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Celtic Knotwork

I finally finished my seat cushion. I bought one and it tore along the seam.¬†So I decided to make a new cover for it. I really like¬†the look of celtic¬†quilting, so I picked a large knotwork pattern.¬†The cushion is¬†made from red cotton that I had lying around and leftover yarn to fill in the knotwork. Trapunto quilting is nice because I find it quick to do and very impressive looking, when it’s really quite simple.

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Girl in a Kimono

So this is my new cross-stitch piece. I finished it a few months ago but have only just now gotten around to framing it. She doesn’t look as good as she could but I was impatient. I hope to one day put the piece in a larger frame with pretty matting.

She is hanging in my bedroom right now, as I¬†my bedroom is in Asian decor. The piece didn’t take me long¬†to finish. I like small cross-stitch pieces because¬†I find them really rewarding.

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Kitchen Towel III

I finally got around to embroidering another kitchen towel. This one, there is no theme. I kinda put whatever I felt like at the time on it. There a mint green owl, star, moon, peach, and tea. They are all things I really like though.

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Kitchen Towel II

I managed to finish another kitchen towel. This one is asian food themed. It’s got the lucky cat, sushi and a rice bowl. I picked really bright colors for the towel.

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