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“America expects it’s women to keep busy and beautiful.”

~WWII era beauty booklet

(I’m in Alaska visiting my friend Xenia. Ya!!!)

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So, here it is I finally got around to doing another period look. This time it’s the 1840s instead of the 1940s. It’s a look from the end of the 1830s to the early 1840s. This is another super fun hairstyle to wear. I feel very cute with the ringlets.

This was another learning hairstyle. Trying to get the ringlets flat on the top and getting them to stay together was tough. It also lets me know that women of the period had shorter hair than I would have thought, because if your hair is too long the ringlets look silly.  I had to pin up the last one because of it’s length. So I tried to make it look like an old photo, I can’t wait until I can get photo editing software. You can follow the link below to see close up picture of the hairstyle. (more…)

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Vintage Face

As some of you remember I was learning how to style hair last year. Well, I haven’t really been keeping that up. So I decided to start working on it again. The first challenge I gave myself was Victory Rolls. So here is my second attempt at Victory Rolls. The first crashed and burned hard-core. For the back of my hair I tried to fake a Page Boy style.

At first I found this hairstyle really jarring to wear. However, after wearing for an hour or so I really like it. It’s really fun and different from what my hair usually looks like. The red lips too, have grown on my. Not a color I’d wear except for dressing up, but fun to wear.

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I have been feeling in a tropical mood the past month or so. I like tropical flowers, scents and colors. This is not the normal for me but I’m really liking it. So tropical flower hairpins were in order. I made a pair of orchids. That way I can wear more than one flower at a time.

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So in exchange for helping her at the theater, I am getting hair styling lessons. My first day was today. I did four hairstyles I didn’t get a picture of the first one, which was just basic victory rolls. The second one is a Gibson girl. We didn’t have a proper hair rat, so you can see the white bag that we used instead, so forgive me.

The third one I tried was a 1960s French twist. I ratted the whole head. I did this whole one by myself. I thought it turned out nice.

The last one we did was two huge Victory rolls. We each did a different side, with her doing it first so I could see how it was done. I figured out how to do the middle myself. With all of these I felt terribly untalented. It takes a ton of hand dexterity. I really liked it though. I think I’m going to look at more classes, maybe look at what it might be like to do hair and makeup professionally.

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