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Learning Curve

I am a combined knitter. Why? Probably because I am a self taught knitter and I did what came naturally to my hands. Now combined knitting has treated me well. I find I can do simple knitting without even looking at my hands because I can feel my stitches. It’s great for chatting with friends. However I started having problems when I tried to correct my knitting and knit in the round.


As you can see from these socks. One is all nice and flat and the stitches lay nice and neat. The other…..not so much. The squirrelly sock is one that I tried to knit more like I should and it caused all the stitches to tilt. Now this happens when combined knitters work in the round. When we knit flat working in the two directions fixes this tilt. Not so in the round. So I searched the internet and found a fix. Which is to take my yarn around the opposite direction on the needle. Guess what? It worked! The nice looking sock is knit in the combined style but with the yarn wrapped clockwise not counter-clockwise. Now I can knit in the round without getting the twist effect.


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More Socks!


I actually finished these socks last year and I realized I hadn’t shared them. The top are work in a self striping yarn. The bottom pair are done in a retro style rib at the pattern calls it. Nothing too exciting. After I finish the pair of socks I’m working on right now I’m going to start my first pair of period stockings.


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rockin the hat

So it’s been chilly where I live and I like to take walks down to the beach. Which means lots of cold wind and during my move I managed to leave behind all my winter hats in storage. So I knit a new hat this week. It is a slouch beanie and I was really nervous when I finished the hat. It looked huge and I was worried I would need to shrink it. However I really love this hat. It’s super comfy. Its size means I can fit all my hair underneath it and it doesn’t feel tight on my head. I can also pull it down around my ears to keep out the cold breezes on the beach.

greyhaven hat

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It’s the holiday season which means lots of scrambling to make things for Christmas. Last night I finished a knit ornament. The pattern comes from a book that has about 50 different patterns. I hope to make them all. So here is the first one.

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Cozy Cowl


Haven’t been getting anything done lately. However I finally finished this cowl. Woohoo!! I actually finished knitting it in August. It took me until this last week to block it. It is nice and light. I like the big eyelet panels and I hope to make matching mitts soon.

Cowl Detail

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Knitted Kerchief

What do you do with a little bit of scrap yarn?? You find a pattern that works with it and just go at it. This is how this kerchief came into being. I had completely failed trying to make something. I was frustrated¬†and wanted to make something for myself that would be quick and easy. I had this scarp yarn and this pattern and thought why not? This kerchief is for those days you don’t feel like doing anything with you hair.

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Baby Gifts

My cousin is having her first baby this December. I’m really excited, so of course I had to make baby gifts. The first is a little baby jacket. Since the baby will be born in winter I wanted something that could be warm, but they live in New Mexico so I made it with this great cotton yarn.

I had yarn left over so I decided to make a baby bonnet as well. The bonnet took just an afternoon to make and looks so cute. I will be using this pattern again.

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