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“I’m sure I should be myself were I once among the heather on those hills.”
―Catherine, Wuthering Heights


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“What defines you?”

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I’m really excited to be starting a self portrait project again. The creative bug has bit me again and so I decided to start up a new project. My plan is for a 2 year long 52 week project. I have lots of ideas so a single 52 week project wouldn’t be enough. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head and I’m super excited. I live a an area with tons of great locations. This week will be the first week. Woohoo!!!!

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Due to the generosity of my friend Xenia I was able to get a new camera. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! It feels so good to have a good camera again. So expect lots of pictures and maybe some art photography again. So of course I had to try out my camera. I took picture of the little patio garden we have going right now. We have roses, a honeysuckle, a lavender, and a thorn less raspberry. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix L105. I also took a few pictures of the view from our patio. I love sitting outside in the good weather and watching the ships.

Garden-June (5) Garden-June (3) Garden-June (6) Garden-June (8) Garden-June (11) Garden-June (13)

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Fall Color

October (5)

Sorry I don’t have anything to share with you all. With graduate school and a new job I’ve been pretty busy. I do have things to share, once I can get a couple of pictures. Hopefully next week I can show off my 1838 dress I’m working on. 🙂 For now enjoy the pretty Fall pictures and Happy Autumn!

October (22)

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Broken Camera

So there will not be any new pictures for the forseeable future. This last week I managed to drop my camera in the ocean. It was a quick death for my poor camera. It has survived surprising well considering I also dropped it down a flight of steps a few years ago. I do have some cool photos from a field school that I was at to share with everyone. Below is a picture taken with my camera showing what it is doing right now.

FS-A (51)

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Week 36

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