One of the best times of the year is Fall. It is the blessed cool down after a hot summer. Every year my boyfriend and I go out to a farm and get pumpkins. We like one particular farm that carries all kinds of difference squash and pumpkins. We are squash fans so we love getting a large variety. The farm also has some of the most delicious apples and a small  flock of adorable sheep. Here are some pictures from our trip this year.

20151017_144640 20151017_145020 20151017_145520 20151017_154140 20151017_174830

This last picture is the stash that we came home with. Dumpling squash, a Naples long, two sugar pie pumpkins, a Japanese pumpkin I don’t remember the name of, the yellow one I don’t remember either, a Marina di Chioggia, and a Turks Hat. Unfortunately the Naples Long got damaged in the car and spoiled. So I think we will be going back to the farm for more squash.



I have really started to enjoy knitting sweaters. It takes a long time but the sense of accomplishment is awesome. Here are two sweaters I’ve made over the last year. The first is almost a year old but I never got around to sharing photos. It is a cardigan with a lace yoke. Very comfortable, I wear it a lot during the colder months.


The second is a sweater I just finished this week. It is made from an alpaca blend, the yarn was wonderful to work with. It is a loose sweatshirt style with a bow at the neck. I haven’t worn it yet as it is still pretty warm here, but it makes me wish for a cold day.



Lately I’ve been wanting to try my hand at cheese making, but I’ve been daunted by the aging process. I don’t have a space with which to do that so I thought I wouldn’t be able to make cheese. However I found a great book from the library about making quick cheese and decided I had to give it a try. The first recipe I tried is a Queso Blanco with fresh chives mixed in.


Next is a type of cheese that I don’t know the name of. The author didn’t really have a name for it. But it is baked in the oven with honey and butter on the top. It is not so good cold but very yummy when warm.


Then the last cheese I made is a ricotta. There isn’t much but I made it with the whey leftover from making the other cheeses. The hardest part I found with making cheese is having the patience to heat the milk slowly. But I loved doing it and hopefully I can try making some fancier cheeses soon.


The Start of Fall

Here in Washington we are still having sunny days but the nights are getting chilly. It is starting to feel like Fall. Even at the produce stand I’m starting to see Fall fruits and squashes. That being said I have feeling I get ever Fall with wanting to make sure everything is in order before Winter. This means cleaning everything and now it also means canning. I’ve been canning all Summer but it feels like now is the rush. Last night I did red and tomatillo salsa, pears and will beans. Tonight I’m doing even more canning.


The produce stand also had big bunches of peppers. I’m hoping to make a ristras or pepper string. It will make the kitchen bright and cheerful in the dreary Winter.


1890s Shirtwaist


Hey look I finally have photos of a finished project. I have been horrible lately about taking photos of projects once I finish them. Luckily with this project I had people with me to take a photo for me. I participated at Railroad Days in Snoqualmie this weekend. I wanted to have an 1890s dress to match the age of the train depot. Luckily I already had a skirt so I simply needed a top. I decided a simple shirtwaist would do the trick. I used Truly Victorian’s 1894 Blouse. It was great. The blouse came together in about 5 hours, and I had no fitting trouble at all. It will be a definite repeat pattern. I have to admit I have fallen in love with giant puffy sleeves.


1850s Gear

I volunteer at Fort Nisqually as a living history interpreter. The time period for the Fort is 1855. So this last year I’ve been working on putting together 1850s clothing. This dress is the first one that I made. It is a gathered front dress made from a 1825 roller print reproduction fabric.

full view

I also made a quilted hood. I started working at the Fort in January and I knew I wanted something to keep warm with. It is made of brown canvas and pink cotton print. I had stitched the quilting on the top.


Lace Socks

purple socks

So now that life has calmed down a little I have time to craft again. Ya!!! During my lunch breaks I have a few minutes to spare. So I worked on these socks. They are a diagonal lace pattern in a variegated purple yarn. They yarn is super soft and I love the mix of black, blue and purple in the yarn.