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Pear Pistachio Bundt Cake

So starts the round of holiday baking. For my Thanksgiving holiday I made a Pear Pistachio Bundt cake with Browned Butter frosting.  It was very good. I was a little unsure about the combo of pear and pistachio. However it is very good. Its like a classic spice cake with a little twist.



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Blackberry Cake

On a whim today after class I decided to bake a cake. I’ve been thinking about making this one for a while. It’s from one of my favorite cookbooks The Redwall Cookbook by Brian Jacques. It is the Blackberry and Apple Cake. It was super easy to put together, which was a huge bonus. It was supposed to have coarse sugar on top, but I have none. It tastes pretty good, on the less sweet side. I would add more vanilla and some spices, like ginger, next time. I am surprised at how pretty it turned out.

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This morning I decided I wanted to make a super fancy cake. I had no reason to other than I just felt like it. It’s an orange cake with a sugar-orange filling. It has chocolate frosting. I got to try out my frosting tips I got for Christmas! I think it turned out pretty well.

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Fancy Cake Take 1

I made a cake early this week. It was my first real attempt at making a slightly fancy cake. It is a plain white cake with lemon curd and blackberry fillings. It is triple layer. I tried beading the frosting around the edge which kinda worked. I was just using a ziploc baggy without any tips. The garnish on the cake is blackberries and thyme. The cake went over extremely well. Everyone said it was delicious. The person who I made it for specifically, asked for the recipe.

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