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Oatmeal Scones

I have fallen in love with baking scones. I’d never baked any until just recently. I thought it would be really hard, but they are super simple. They keep all week-long and use very few ingredients. These are oatmeal, maple and almond. I sprinkled oatmeal and raw sugar on the top. My favorite way to eat scones is with honey on top.


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It’s My Birthday!!!!

I made myself some mocha cupcakes. 🙂 I know I kinda have a werid expression. I was staring at the camera screen.

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Pear Pistachio Bundt Cake

So starts the round of holiday baking. For my Thanksgiving holiday I made a Pear Pistachio Bundt cake with Browned Butter frosting.  It was very good. I was a little unsure about the combo of pear and pistachio. However it is very good. Its like a classic spice cake with a little twist.


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Blackberry Cake

On a whim today after class I decided to bake a cake. I’ve been thinking about making this one for a while. It’s from one of my favorite cookbooks The Redwall Cookbook by Brian Jacques. It is the Blackberry and Apple Cake. It was super easy to put together, which was a huge bonus. It was supposed to have coarse sugar on top, but I have none. It tastes pretty good, on the less sweet side. I would add more vanilla and some spices, like ginger, next time. I am surprised at how pretty it turned out.

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This morning I decided I wanted to make a super fancy cake. I had no reason to other than I just felt like it. It’s an orange cake with a sugar-orange filling. It has chocolate frosting. I got to try out my frosting tips I got for Christmas! I think it turned out pretty well.

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Whoopie Pie!

I made whoopie pies today. I love whoopie pies, and I just got a cookbook all about them. So I decided to try making some. These are chocolate with honey buttercream filling. Yum!

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Chilly Winter Day

Well today was amazingly productive. I finished a little plaid capelet. The entire capelet is a stash buster. The fabric was given to me and the button I had in my button jar. I was proud of myself. I actually managed to get the plaid nicely lined up. The fabric is 100% wool. I also managed to make some cookies today. For some reason I remember seeing these cookies in a cookbook a long time ago. I wanted to try making them but it took some time to find the recipe. I found it in a 1973 Better Homes and Garden. They are super yummy. Instead of being made in checkerboard they can also be made in many different shapes.

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